Welcome to Firgrove!

The 2019-20 school year is upon us.  We have much to be excited about this year!  The Puyallup community has provided us with an incredible new building.  It is filled with natural light, community spaces, flexible classrooms that empower effective teaching practices and technology to support instruction and student learning.  2We are excited to share our new home with our students, families and community.

During the 2018-19 school year a team of Firgrove staff members and parents met to finalize our mission and identify our core values. 

Mission -

We will build positive relationships that lead to academic success.  Firgrove Hawks will feel empowered, loved, valued and safe.

We will accomplish this mission through these core values –

Inclusion   -   Courage   -    Teamwork

I hope that you join us in achieving our mission.  As our core values reflect, we know only as a team, that includes everyone, can we truly empower students to succeed.

I look forward to welcoming students and families.  

Firgrove Hawks Soar

Terrie Garrison