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Student Drop-Off & Pick-Up Procedures

Parent Drop Off & Pick Up

Student drop off and pick up is in the front of the school.

To ensure that traffic is not backing up onto Meridian, cars enter Firgrove by using the driveway indicated by the ENTRANCE SIGN (Old Firgrove driveway)  – It is north of the exit lane. The direct entrance from Meridian will be blocked off during the school day.

Vehicles are to line up using the right lane.  Large signs indicate the student drop-off/pick-up zone. If your car is between these signs please have your child enter or exit your vehicle. Please do not wait until your child is directly in front of the school as this will delay the process. Students are to only exit or enter cars from the right side directly next to the sidewalk.  Cars use the left lane for passing and it is dangerous to have students entering or exiting cars from the left side.

Preschool Students – Arrival & Pick-Up

These families are to park in the 2nd or 3rd row, use the sidewalk between the rows and cross at the designated area.  Then locate your child’s teacher or para educator to drop off or pick up your child. 

K – 6 Drop-Off

Students may be dropped off on Mondays @ 9:15 and Tuesday-Friday @ 8:15.  Students may begin exiting cars when they see the Firgrove staff outside to support a safe arrival.  Students that are eating breakfast at school will go to the Commons and those not eating breakfast will go directly to class. 

K – 6 Pick-Up

Dismissal Time - 2:51 PM.  All families picking up students each day will be given a number for their car.  This number is used for all students in your family.  Students wait as a family with the youngest member.  Kindergarten waits outside, Grades 1-3 wait in the Commons and Grades 4-6 wait outside along the pick-up loop.  Please display your number on your dashboard so we can have your student(s) waiting when you enter the Pick-Up Zone.  We will keep the cars moving forward to utilize the entire pick-up zone.  Please pull up directly behind the car in front of you. This may mean you are driving past where your child is waiting. Your child will then walk to where you are parked to enter the car. This will ensure an efficient and safe pick-up zone.

Exiting to Meridian - As you circle back to Meridian you may only turn right.


  • Please be aware of pedestrians in the parking area to ensure their safety.
  • Be aware of cars using the left lane as you pull out to leave.

We ask for your patience during the first couple weeks of school as all families learn the system.  It is efficient – we are able to get all students into vehicles in about 15 minutes.  Please recognize we typically have 125 vehicles each day dropping off or picking up.  If your child can ride a bus or walk, we highly encourage you to have them do so.